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Molida -contributed by Seema from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School in Pakistan


It’s a cultural dish and a very older dish. It has a great history.
In olden times people were very close to each other as well as they were united and there was harmony everywhere. In olden times cultivation was the main occupation of the people of Hunza. They used to cultivate a lot of crops and then when they ripen, they cut the crops and used to make this significant dish “Molida”. They all people gathered and ate this dish in the single big, very huge bowl.

This is a very quick and delicious food.

1) Firstly we have to make the thin slices of onion and then cut some chillies in small size.

2) Then we have to pour the yoghurt over the whole stuff and along with the hot bread crumbs.

3) Then we have to mix them together.

4) After this we have to pour the pure nuts oil and served with “tea” or “lasi”.

A delicious dish is ready to serve now.

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