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Stuff Grape Leaves contributed by, Sonya from The Seven Hills School in Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Stuff Grape Leaves

From: Romania

By: Sonya




400g of ground beef

300g of ground pork

100g of rice

100g of chopped onion

500g of grape leaves

800g mi beef broth

juice from half lemon

salt and black pepper




In a small pot put a little bit of vegetable oil, place it on the stove, stir in the onion for a few minutes (3-5) until is soften (but not fry).


Boil the rice in the water until is cooked, and drained the water.


Mix the onion, cooked rice, ground meat, add some green fresh chopped parsley (or dry) and salt and black pepper for taste. With this mixture fill the grape leaves (form rolls).


Put the rolls of stuffed grape leaves in a pot (one that can be place on the stove), pour over the beef broth (to cover the rolls), add the lemon juice. Cook on the stove to low heat until the grape leaves are soften and meat inside is cooked (approximatly 2 hours).

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