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Crispy Egg Salad [Yum Khai Foo]

Crispy Egg Salad [Yum Khai Foo]

Yum Khai Foo


1.  3 eggs
2.  ¼ cup blanched ground pork
3.   ¼ cup onion , julienned
4. 1 tomato , julienned
5.  ¼ cup carrots , julienned
6.  2 Chinese celery , julienned
7.  1 tablespoon bird chili , finely ground
8.  1 tablespoon pickled garlic , finely chopped
9.  2 tablespoons pickled garlic juice
10.  2 tablespoons fish sauce
11.  3 ½ tablespoons lime juice
12.  1-2 teaspoons sugar
13. Vegetable oil for deep-frying


1. Fry the egg and cut it into bite-sized.

2.  Mix bird chilies, pickled garlic, pickled garlic juice, fish sauce, lime juice and sugar together.

3.  Add the blanched ground pork,onions,tomatoes and carrots to mix

4.  Add sliced egg together with Chinese celery and mix them softly.

Put on a plate and serve immediately.

Submitted by:

Ms. Chutinun Pimporn No. 19
Ms. Chutinun Sangsawat No. 20
Ms. Panrawee Suansaiyood No. 24
Ms. Phankajit Sukchit No. 25
Grade 11 [M.5/1]
Yannawat Witta

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