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Chicken Karahi

Chicken Karahi

Chicken Karahi is the spicy blend of spices,tomatoes and chicken. It is cooked in a wok so it is called “Chicken Karahi”. It can also be cooked in ordinary pan but its real taste is in karahi(wok)

This dish is mostly cooked in the Khyber pakhtoon khua and Punjab. It is too spicy. This dish is also served in wedding cermoniesand other events.

Chicken 1 1/2 kg
Tomatoes 1/2 kg
Salt according to the taste
Red pepper 1tb spoon
Turmeric 1/2tb spoon
Coriander(powder) 1t spoon
Black pepper 1 t spoon
Fenugreek (dry) 2tb spoon
Cooking oil 1 cup
Green Chilies 6pcs
coriander leaves 1/2 cup
Ginger garlic paste 1tb spoon
Lemon 4pcs

First wash the chicken nicely. then pour cooking oil in the wok and let it fry alitlle bit then put all the spices along with the tomatoes and fry them.Pour lemon syrupand fenugrrek. garnish with ginger and coriander leaves and serve it with Nan, chapati or paratha.

My mother told me this recipe and for intro and backgroud I searched Internet

Submitted by
Rafia Sagheer
Karachi, Pakistan

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