Food For Thought Youth Project

Cultural Recipes from Youth Around the World

About This Project

How can your class participate in this project?

First, join iEARN, the world’s largest and longest running learning network of k-12 schools in the world.

Then research recipes food and dishes that represents your country or culture with others from around the world in the project’s discussion forum or on this blog.

Next, share your stories about why these foods are important to people in your country. Please try to share your thoughts about what cultural significance these foods and recipes have in your family, culture and/or country?

Try making some of the recipes and dishes you have learned about from others around the world.

Share your thoughts and feelings about the foods you have tried. Make new friends! Have fun!

Don’t forget to include original drawings, photos and even videos to accompany your cultural recipes.

As people say in French, Bon appetit! (enjoy your meal!)

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